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Traps & Cages

Catch both wild and domesticated animals without hurting them. Our company has dog traps, turtle traps, raccoon, and snake traps that will allow you to transport and keep animals with care.

Live Bait

Lure animals inside a cage using live bait. We put a rabbit or mouse trap bait inside cages to attract animals and safely capture them until they’re ready to be released.


Thomas Trapping Co sends your order fast with help from reliable shipping companies. We handle the items with utmost care and deliver them to your doorstep at the specified time.

About Thomas Trapping Co.

For the last 50 years, we have designed and built custom traps and cages from our shop, we also fabricate. Our animal traps are heavy duty and made with steel bars and also covered with 14ga galv. welded wire. They are designed so that the wire can easily be replaced for many more years of use. Our business is located in Fitzgerald, GA.

Thomas Trapping Co.

We have designed and built custom traps and cages from our shop since 1960,
our business is located in Fitzgerald, GA.
We also fabricate.

Our traps include:

  • Animal Transporting Cages
  • Armadillo Traps
  • Bird Traps
  • Crawfish Traps
  • Dog Traps
  • Fish Holding Cages
  • Floating Fish Traps
  • Heavy Duty Fish Traps
  • Heavy Duty Wing Span Fish Traps
  • Hog Traps
  • Minnow Traps
  • Old Tiny Upright Pond Fish Traps
  • Pet Cages
  • Pet Door Cage Latches
  • Pigeon & Dove Traps
  • Rabbit Traps
  • Raccoon Traps
  • Rolling Raccoon Cages
  • Snake Traps
  • Squirrel Traps
  • Turkey Traps
  • Turtle Traps

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