How to Bait the Animal

and Fish Traps:

Thomas Trapping Co. of Fitzgerald, Georgia, designs traps that have a compartment at the back where live bait can be placed.
The live bait can also be fed and watered all from within the trap.

fish live bait


Our traps are made with wire trigger trip plates that are fine-tuned to respond to the weight of the animal. It will quickly snap shut when triggered. Strong door locks keep the animals safely inside.

Food Box

Small animal traps have a food box on top of the trigger place where a small can of sardines will fit. You may use sardines, honey buns, and meat for dogs, cats, and raccoons. On the other hand, for squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks, you may use corn, nuts, sweet potatoes, and apples.

The fish traps have a food box within the traps underneath the funnels. You can bait these traps with liver, chicken legs or any bait that will attract the fish.